The accountability conundrum (again)

Tomorrow’s Organization Design Forum’s peer-to-peer consulting session in which I’m in the hot-seat has been drifting to front-of-mind over the last couple of weeks: prompted by first, a coaching session on how to frame the question in a way that the peer group can tackle it, and then by getting a Zoom invite to the … Continue reading “The accountability conundrum (again)”

Accountability: is it a design concern?

We've had several discussions this week on 'single point accountability'. This sounds straightforward as a concept. Like financial accounting, 'accountability is about giving a reckoning of the actions taken-—and the actions not taken-—that led to the final outcome. Just like in accounting, where your balance sheet must add up correctly, there also has to be … Continue reading “Accountability: is it a design concern?”

Organisation design: Odile the organisation designer, part 4

The third part of the story of Odile the organisation designer, saw her 100 days into her role of Organisation Design Lead at Intersection Railways.  She was presenting her strategy for developing an organisational design movement, to bridge the confusing gaps between the various design-related specialisms present in the organisation.  Delivery of her strategy included … Continue reading “Organisation design: Odile the organisation designer, part 4”

Organisation design:  data and complexity

The UK’s Confederation of British Industry (CBI) boss, Tony Danker noted in early September “Labour shortages are biting right across the economy. These shortages are already affecting business operations and will have a negative impact on the UK’s economic recovery.”  He said that the UK the UK needed to simultaneously address short-term economic needs and long-term economic … Continue reading “Organisation design:  data and complexity”

Organisation design:  Odile the organisation designer

Intersection Group, a non-profit, aims to make design approaches to creating better enterprises much easier to adopt than currently, and create tools that drive adoption across a range of disciplines (Organisation Designers, Business Architects, Service Designers etc). A short while ago they emailed me asking for contributions to the Intersection Toolkit they intend to publish … Continue reading “Organisation design:  Odile the organisation designer”

Organisation Design: Boundaries and Linkages

Last week I was discussing boundaries and linkages with someone. She wanted info on them.  Digging into my files I found a guide on this I’d written a couple of years ago with a colleague (Judith Collins) that I’ve extracted from and adapted below. Introduction One approach to organisation design recommends starting with the work … Continue reading “Organisation Design: Boundaries and Linkages”

The tenth test of organisation design

The Nine Tests of Organisation Design, developed in 2002 by Michael Goold and Andrew Campbell of Ashridge Strategic Management Centre (as it was known then) is well known in organisation design circles. In their article introducing the tests they describe them as ‘Less an intellectual triumph than a practical checklist for addressing the most important issues, our … Continue reading “The tenth test of organisation design”