The people at the happy hour drink on Friday started discussing Facebook. What was fascinating was that the group of Millenials: those born between 1980 and 2000 (who all have a Facebook presence) were talking about the differences in the way they interact with it compared with the way their younger siblings do.

Among other things, they use it to find out more about people they are interviewing for potential positions within our company, and are relatively circumspect about what they post about themselves.

It’s time I conquered my fear of Facebook and signed on/up/in. At a fund raising party I went to this evening (for one contingent of the San Francisco Carnaval) I discovered that the contingent uses Facebook for all its non face-to-face communication having set up a private community within Facebook (as I understand it – but I may be wrong on this).

I wonder how Facebook will impact the design of organizations? What value could it add if organizations embraced it rather than blocking access (as my own company did until forced to concede to the outrage).