Compendium for collaborative organization design

Organization designs or redesigns are usually initiated by a leader or manager. Few are 'grass roots' or 'bottom up' led. Lots of reasons account for this: lack of decision making authority is one, a focus on that part of the work flow rather than a sense of the whole organization as a system is another – although it's often easy to see where blocks and duplications occur in relation to a specific job.

Compendium is a software tool providing a

"flexible visual interface for managing the connections between information and ideas.
It places few constraints on how you organise material, though many have found that it provides support for structured working for instance, following a methodology or modelling technique. Our own particular interest is in visualizing the connections between people, ideas and information at multiple levels, in mapping discussions and debates, and what skills are needed to do so in a participatory manner that engages all stakeholders".

It is available as a free download and makes discussing issues and questions fun, visually accessible and comprehensively connected by the pattern formation and sensemaking that the mapping technique involves.