Organization Design Framework

The Organisation Design and Change Framework and Toolkit is housed on the UK's National School of Government website. It was developed by representatives from the public and private sectors. It is a seven stage framework with a range of models, tools, and quotes that are freely downloadable.

So, for example, Stage 1: Set the Stage for the Design, suggests six tools – SWOT, PEST analysis, Porter's five forces, cost benefit analysis, De Bono visioning, stakeholder analysis – and also lists key questions "to shape and inform your conversations with the leadership team".

The site is very nicely organized and easy to work through. Any beginner in organization design would get a good insight into what it is all about (a lot more than structure), and get some ideas on how to approach organization design.

There is no instruction on how to actually carry out an organization design project – but the site is not billed as a 'how to'. It is just what is says – a framework with tools. These are presented in a simple (perhaps too simple) way but you can't fault the content and the intention.

Beyond any instructions, aspects that are missing are tools for checking alignment of the design, reviewing it at 30, 60, 90 days, suggestions on how to gather lessons learned, and a reading/further resources list with case studies.

UPDATE: November 20, 2013
I have now found out that the UK's National School of Government has shuttered. One of the comments made about this relates to 'where are the resources accessible' but there is no response.

This business survival toolkit has some of the same types of tools.