All the royalties from the sales of my books are donated directly to Freedom from Torture, a human rights organisation that exists to enable survivors of torture and organised violence to engage in a healing process to assert their own human dignity and worth.

It is the only national organisation in the UK dedicated solely to the rehabilitation of torture survivors, with treatment centres in Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Manchester and Newcastle. In 2011 the organisation received referrals for help from over 1,500 people who came from more than 80 different countries, including high numbers from Iran, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The services provided include medical consultation, forensic documentation of torture and a variety of psychological therapies. Among the range of group therapies facilitated by Freedom from Torture, creative approaches, such as art therapy, are an invaluable part of the holistic approach the organisation takes to meet the complex and diverse needs of survivors of torture living in the UK.

I support Freedom from Torture because I cannot imagine what it takes to either be a torturer or to be tortured. Inflicting deliberate emotional or physical violence against another individual is beyond my experience. I hope I never do experience it and I feel for those who are or have been victims of it.

Sadly the organization’s workload is growing by the day. You too can support the staff and clients of Freedom from Torture by clicking on this button. They all deserve it.