Book list for business models and stakeholders

The CCA Design and Strategy MBA is getting ready to go. It's a new program starting September at the CCA and I'm teaching the Business Models and Stakeholders module. Last week I was asked what books I would like the library to buy (not textbooks). Here's the list as it currently stands:

Bhagwati, Jagdish. (2007). In Defense of Globalization. Oxford University Press

Egan, Gerard. (1994). Working the Shadow Side. Jossey Bass

Freedman, Edward, R. et al. (2007). Managing for Stakeholders: Survival, Reputation, and Success. Yale University Press

Ghemawat, Pankaj. (2007). Redefining Global Strategy: Crossing Borders in a World Where Differences Still Matter. Harvard Business Press

Heskett, J. (2005). A Very Short Introduction to Design. Oxford University Press

Klein, G. (1999). Sources of Power. MIT Press

Meyerson, Debra, E. (2003). Tempered Radicals: How Everyday Leaders Inspire Change at Work

Morgan, Gareth. (1996). Images of Organization. Sage Publication.

Nadler, D. et al (2005). Building Better Boards: A Blueprint for Effective Governance. Jossey Bass

Phillips, R. (2003). Stakeholder Theory and Organizational Ethics. Berrett-Koehler

Pink, Daniel, H. (2005). A Whole New Mind. The Berkeley Publishing Group

Seely-Brown, J. and Duguid, P. (2002). The Social Life of Information. Harvard Business School Press

Senge, Peter, M. et al. (1999). The Dance of Change: The Challenges to Sustaining Momentum in Learning Organizations. Currency

Stanford, N. (2005). Organization Design the Collaborative Approach. Elsevier

Stanford, N. (2007). The Economist Guide to Organisation Design. Profile Books

Tennent, J. and Friend, G. (2005). The Economist Guide to Business Modelling. Profile Books

Weick, Karl, E. (2000). Making Sense of the Organization. Wiley