Active steps to address trends

McKinsey published in March 2008 a survey reporting on how companies act on global trends. What's interesting is that whilst recognizing the importance of a trend, for example 'faster pace of technology' or 'increasing availability of knowledge' they are not, in fact, acting on that recognition (as least as far as the survey responses show). Why not? Well the survey suggests that they don't know how to, and/or lack the skills and resources. A reason not stated, which I am inclined to think is more likely but may not have been one of the survey questions, is that leadership teams don't spend enough time together thinking and talking about trends and how they could/should collectively respond to them. Their may be scenario planning exercises but these are not the same as trend spotting. The same week their was a two-part report released 'Trends Shaping Tomorrow's World' I wonder how many leaders have read this and how many are thinking how to act?