Moonshots for Management

"What needs to be done to create organizations that are truly fit for the future?" Gary Hamel asks this question in the article Moonshots for Management published in Harvard Business Review, February 2009.
Along with 34 other "management scholars and practitioners" he spent 2 days getting to an answer to the question. Out of the work comes 25 'moon shots' that "are neither mutually exclusive nor exhaustive". It's a laudable list for reforming management. But is it boring, pedestrian, and predictable? Could any group of 35 management practitioners come up with the same things? I thought it notable that the 35 contributors who call themselves the 'renegade brigade' are all established successful people, well known in the field. Also, they're predominantly Americans. Where is the global representation, the non business world mindsets, the generational mix that could contribute to the debate? Moon shot 8 is 'Expand and Exploit Diversity' – it would have been good to see some of that in the participant list. On the other hand, perhaps pedestrian is ok. People have been saying for decades, for example, that it is imperative to "reduce fear and increase trust" – ok. Maybe we do need to keep repeating the phrase but endless repetition has not had an effect as yet. A different approach to answering this type of question would be to open it up to hundreds of others globally using a technology like Imaginatik's Idea Central for example,
Getting to the moon in the same old way may get us there but there may be quicker, easier, and better ways now that we're actually in the 21st century.