I have stopped uploading a tool for the month as there are now many websites where you can find useful tools. Ones that I have found helpful are Business Balls, 12 Manage, and CIPD. I also have several tools in each of my books.

Updated: December 29 2014

April 2014 New Joiner Checklist: Handling the Politics
March 2014 Restructuring Teams
February 2014 Management Fads
January 2014 Organizational change and the Burke Litwin model
December 2013 Structural flexibility
November 2013 Skills Swap
October 2013 After action review
August 2013 Brag Sheet
July 2013 Tips to clean off your desk
June 2013 Nadler & Tushman Congruence Model
May 2013 Collaboration: what is it to you?
April 2013 How Mindful is Your Organization?
March 2013 Resource validation tool
February 2013 Inventory of Change
January 2013 Leadership alignment tool
December 2012 Hotwashes
November 2012 Momentum Map
October 2012 Organization Design Team Member Profile
September 2012 Project Charter
August 2012 Jill Geisler: 13 questions
July 2012 Sources of Power
June 2012 Trend Impact Tool
May 2012 Comparison of Systems Models
April 2012 The Four Agreements
March 2012 Planned Abandonment Exercise
February 2012 Organization Design Evaluation
January 2012 Reviewing HR Processes
December 2011 Measuring Change Projects
October 2011 Connecting Business Success
September 2011 Start Where the Client Is
August 2011 Leaders Setting Change dDirection
July 2011 Twelve Organisational Capabilities
June 2011 Questions to Ask About Structures
April 2011 HR: Planning what it should do
March 2011 Executive Summary
February 2011 Paper Clutter Quiz
January 2011 Commitment Tool
November 2010 Impact Analysis
October 2010 Seven Part Change Framework
September 2010 Influencing Skills Exercise
August 2010 Capturing Learning From Projects
July 2010 Assessing Responses To Change
June 2010 Skills For Managing Change
May 2010 Alignment Matrix
April 2010 Values Driven Business
March 2010 New Joiner Survey
February 2010 Evaluation Worksheet
January 2010 Understanding Your Territorial Drive
December 2009 Ten Principles of OD
November 2009 PIR Questions
October 2009 Business Success and Culture
September 2009 Stanford Practicing OD
August 2009 Risk Attitude Assessor